Sums it up pretty accurately

Life in a Blue One...


He is gone.  You miss him so much it hurts. You obsessively check your phone and email every 4 minutes.  You send slushy “miss you so much” texts.  You spray his aftershave onto his pillow and sleep with his t-shirt every night.  You change your phone/work computer screen saver to your favourite picture of you both on holiday/smiling/totally in love/without a care in the world/at the last homecoming.  The days go on FOREVER.  You don’t go out, you don’t speak to anyone… you can’t speak to anyone.  Nobody in the world feels as empty and hollow as you do.  the sight of a “welcome home Daddy” banner brings you to tears.  This lasts exactly 2 weeks.


In the words of the great Kriss Akabusi.  Positive.  Mental.  Attitude.  Or in other words,time to put your big girl pants on.  A fresh sense of determination fills you.  You…

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