Happy New Year everyone! I’m very excited about 2013 so I drank enough champagne to float a boat on NYE. I think I am finally recovered. But seriously, a big move is coming up, and I’m excited that I have no clue where we will celebrate NYE at the end of 2013. Love that fact!

Yesterday, my husband and I spent almost two hours on the phone with the Marine currently holding the position that my husband will be taking over. The conversation helped out a lot! However, I’m now anxious again and wanting to get going with this whole moving process. However, it is still to far away to start handling all of the nitty gritty which leaves me feeling bijiggity (the only word for it).

So, to satisfy my excitement to get the show on the road, I have implemented the following game plan:
1) Each month, we tackle a room and decide what we are taking, throwing away or donating and what we are storing.
2) Created a Master Moving Manifest (I call it the 3M) in Excel. Can I tell you how much I love Excel? A lot. And lists. A lot. The 3M combines my love of lists and excel with many spreadsheets and many lists and due dates and action steps. I’m a nerd.
3) exercising a lot. Hopefully this will keep me free-spirited with the added bonus of being in good shape (future goal is London Marathon 2014).

My overall goal is to not get in an argument with the hubby during this move. Without fail, we have gotten into a fight EVERY SINGLE MOVE. And we move a lot…5 to be exact. Over silly things because we are tired and stressed and in a new environment. That has always surprised me because normally we don’t bicker or nag in any other occasion? However, every other move we have had very little notice (only 10 days for the last one). We had 10 months notice for the England move, so cheers to a smooth moving process!