Sigh…Not sure what is wrong with coordination lately. Last week, I fell off my bike while fooling about on our way home from the local turkey trot. I essentially kneed the curb, it hurt. Iced it a lot (well as much as possible for a Thanksgiving day when you are hostessing 16 people). The next day, swelling was down and I am thinking it is back to normal. Cut to yesterday, I’m out for an easy run in the rain. As I approach the special forces side of base, I see a couple rubber boats on the loading dock into the bay. I figure they are out training in the bay doing what Marine special forces do (which is obviously very tough) and run to the end of the dock. As I reach the end, I turn to head back and bam! my feet slip out from underneath me and hit the deck on my right hip. As I’m yelling out a curse word and silently thanking the gods for the fact that my humiliation was unwitnessed by others, a guy pops up out of one of the boats and says “oh are you okay?!”. Sigh…humiliation was witnessed. And now I have over a mile to get back home with my hurt hip and hurt pride. Oh well, there are certainly worse things in life. And luckily my boat-friend told me that I was the second person he saw fall right there. So I’m not alone in my clumsiness. There is comfort in numbers. Back to the icing of my hip.