What I “need” for a life in England

It seems that part of my husband’s new job description includes a lot of entertaining. This equally excites me and fills me with fear. For example, we were given instructions on how to “properly” host a dinner party. Hmmmm, not how I usually entertain here but I’m excited to learn.

He also needs to buy a tux. That excites me to no end! I have envisioned him looking dashing in a James Bond tuxedo (we watched Skyfall for inspiration last weekend) while I’m looking ravishing in a long gown and somehow automatically 10 pounds lighter. One can only hope.

I also have visions of me in a cute sweater and slacks biking around the English countryside with a box of Earl Grey and some fresh lemons in my basket. Most of my visions include me looking effortlessly put-together. So, in order to give me inspiration, hopefully from my own closet to save money, I started a board on Pinterest so I can keep myself in check.

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